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YouTube Famous (Full Video) Get more Views and Subscribers

2. REACH Draw in large crowds YouTube has over a billion users Promotion potential Owned by Google
3. SETUP Create channel/user account Custom channel art at least 2048 pixels by 1152 pixels Account Settings Channel Settings Set Featured Video to entice to subscribe to channel
4. Edit Links, Edit Channel Art
5. Edit Links for your Banner
6. Upload art, Adjust Crop
7. Click Gear Icon on Right, Toggle Customize the Layout
8. Goto Channel Home, Hit Channel Trailer Icon and Select Video, Hit Add Section
9. Hit Add Section and Select Playlist, Uploads, etc.
10. Creator Studio (Video Manager from Channel Home Top), Select Channel
11. Select Monetization and Click Skippable video ads
12. Goto Featured Content in Left Menu, and Click Recent Upload for embedding
13. What a featured video looks like embedded
14. Select branding in left menu and upload file for watermark logo
15. What your watermark logo will appear like
16. CONTENT Promote your products/services Ten most frequently asked questions Live Stream recording Conversational style with audience interviews with famous YouTube celebrities Announcements, contests, awareness, and courses to empower Question and Answer Sessions
17. CONTENT Videos that cater to a niche audience perform better than generic ones Audience prefer visual content over reading See what is trending Create a recurrent theme to grow a fan base Adds value, more likely to be shared Explain a tough concept simply
18. CONTENT How-to video Explain how they can use your product/service DIY Unboxing Cartoons Music Video and Music covers Impersonations Collaborations and Cross-promotion with other creators
19. CONTENT Integrate your product or service into a storyline Animation Sound Effects Background Music Lighting Sound See what other successful channels/videos are doing
20. CONTENT Spoof Gags Workout Tutorial Gaming guide and gameplay Educational Trending topics, News, Current Events Seminar (i.e. on your area of expertise), tips, advice
21. CONTENT “Fair Use” clause: allows people on YouTube to comment on, criticize, or remix your video Creative Commons or royalty-free content: can be monetized given that the actual creator of the content has allowed it. Recordings from TV, DVD, public concerts, and events can only be monetized if the artist or creator of the content gives you written permission *NOT Legal Advice
22. CALL-TO-ACTION End with Call-to-action Offer something for free Direct to website Get leads – Opt-in to Capture Page for Offer ask for suggestions, and do some shout-outs Consistent Creation (ie once a week) Use links to somehow drive the viewers from YouTube to your main website.
23. CALL-TO-ACTION links pop up in the middle of your video or in the description section. add the link to the comment section Ask to do something on your website, i.e. comment below Ask them to share your links on their websites, blogs, Facebook pages, etc. Tell your audience to subscribe to your channel
24. END-CARDS End-Cards Creating an end-card with a link on screen to subscribe to you Add links to related videos and playlists Google “Youtube End Card” and search images for templates Use Annotations to add link to End Card portion of video once uploaded
26. CREATION YouTube Thumbnail 1280 x 720 pixels Photoshop or limitation of 15 minutes maximum Request a higher limit: Click upload, Then at the bottom of the page you will see the option "Increase your limit” Verification of the user's account via mobile phone increases the chances of being able to upload longer videos
27. CREATION AVI, .MPEG, .WMV, .OGV, .MPS, .MKV, .FLV, .VOB use progressive scanning Camera on your laptop or smart phone Lavalier mic Tripod Needs to be as long as it needs to be.
28. KEYWORD RESEARCH Search terms people are using to find your videos Google keyword planner Include search keywords the video titles, labels, and tags, Google searches can help boost your viewership Use relevant tags for your videos
29. KEYWORD RESEARCH Speak these keywords Google is picking those up with voice recognition. YouTube will be given preference over a video uploaded on other video hosting website while displaying search results on Google. Google owns YouTube
30. ADSENSE open an AdSense account for your channel. used to advertise and generate revenue on the website. Partner Program - an advertisement revenue-sharing Skippable Video ad, which runs in the beginning of videos. Skippable Video is an ad format that you can select in which the viewer has the choice of watching the ad or skipping YouTube Video Targeting Tool. With this tool, any company is allowed to broadcast its ads in a particular country
31. VIEWS More Likes could make your video appear higher in searches Include Copywriting, not just keywords, into Title, Description, etc. Have a call to action to Like, Share and Subscribe
32. ENGAGE Interact with comments No privacy settings Create a Facebook group for your community caption features for videos. This helps in making your video more accessible to hearing impaired people playlists to make things simpler and more specifically suited to the subscribers’ taste. Allow comments
33. ADVERTISE Have blogs/websites reference/link to your Channel Syndicate your video in Facebook, Twitter, Forums,Blog,Google Plus, etc. Syndicate your video playlist in Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blog etc. Place a screen capture of video on Instagram
34. ADVERTISE Use Google AdWords to get paid views. Once you use this, make sure that the beginning of your ad is especially engaging Contests or events on your channels Get advertising from prominent bloggers watermark your content Allow Embedding
35. ANALYSIS Google analytics can be used to keep track of the performance of your channel. YouTube Analytics shows you how well your viewership is turning out and indirectly tells you if your ads, annotations, and content have the positive effect you want them to.

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