Learn Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live for Marketing and Sales (Full Video)

Learn Facebook Live Video
Learn Facebook Live Video


Live Video is one of the last ways you can still reach audiences organically, effectively without paying. Become an early adopter and take advantage of live video on Facebook and other platforms before corporations move in and dominate the space.



2. INTRODUCTION Live streaming video with capture Build relationships faster with Audience (Know, Like and Trust) Broadcast from personal page, business page or to a group Start a post and click the live icon Allow access to camera and mic Hit continue button to go live Set privacy settings to “Public” if using personal profile You can use “Pages” or “Facebook” App, or Group Event
3. SETUP Let people in Advance When you are going to go Live Bring Extra Battery Power Consider using Airplain Mode and Wifi in order to avoid incoming calls interrupting (Avoid using Data plan) Have good lighting Attention grabbing headline - Benefits
4. STREAM Remind people to follow you so they get a reminder when you are Live Let them know the benefits if they watch Introduction to Audience Bring Value-Educate, Entertain, Inform Engage (Say hi to people that login, Converse with comments) Broadcast up to 90 minutes End session with call-to-action (Mention Resource, Page, Offer)
5. AFTER Hit Finish Button Save video to camera roll (Can upload in other places as well-YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) Select upload higher quality version Confirm video appears on your Facebook Fan Page Continue engagement with comments or questions on video after it has been posted Share/Syndicate video – Blog, Groups, Newsletter
6. BEST PRACTICES Stream Regularly Have a Schedule for followers to login Consider using a tripod, Microphone, Video lights Syndicate and Re-purpose Content (YouTube, Instagram, Blog, Newsletter)
7. BOOST POST Consider Boosting Post Get more likes Promote business offer After broadcast, the video is saved as a post View Analytics by hitting “reach” under the post View comments and shares
8. BOOST POST Click boost post under video Or Goto Ads Manager Hit Create Ad for a post that is doing well Select “Boost your post” Select Fan Page Select Post you want to boost Optimize for Video Views (See Facebook Ads Tutorial)
9. CONTENT IDEAS Your business in action Show some personal life Q&A audience session Tutorials Industry Updates Interview Promotion Live Event Broadcast

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