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Meet girls with Pokemon Go Pickup Lines

Top 5 Pokemon Go Pickup Lines. Get a Date with Pokemon Go

How to get a date with Pokémon go.

Meet girls with Pokemon Go Pickup Lines

The top 5 pick up lines to use to meet people at Pokémon stops while playing Pokémon GO.

1. Are you playing Pokémon GO?
You can tell someone is looking at their phone and likely playing Pokémon go. Even if they are not, you can quickly transition the conversation to something else.

2. What team are you on?
Here is an indirect opener that everyone in Pokémon go can relate to. Are they on the yellow, red, or blue team? Why did they pick that team?

3. Did you know you can turn off the AR function?
Give a helpful tip to other players that can improve their game.

4. Things are moving a little bit slow. I think I am going to drop a lure.
Start the conversation with a comment. Get her to stick around for another couple minutes collecting Pokémon. Show people you have at least a dollar to your name in order to afford a lure.

5. Is your Pokémon GO crashing?
Here is a question everyone can relate to that plays Pokémon go. The answer will probably be yes, so you can have your next reply chambered.

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