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Free WordPress Installation


Have you taken your first steps to creating an online income with Affiliate Marketing?

Let me give you a sweeter deal. I know setting up a WordPress Blog can feel daunting, intimidating and even paralyzing.

Let me make it easy for you... 

Simply buy your domain (.com) from and/or your host by clicking through any of the banners at (ie, Namecheap & Hostgator), and I will personally install WordPress and connect it to your domain for you with the plug-ins below installed at no cost to you!

Plug-ins to be installed include:

  • All In One SEO Pack
  • Wordfence
  • Contact Form 7
  • Google Analytics Input
  • W3 Total Cache
Simply Contact Us with your Username and Password for your Namecheap and Hostgator account and let us take care of your WordPress installation for you so you can get started with blogging and affiliate marketing ASAP.
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Boost your Business, Traffic and Leads 

You have this great idea but don't have the time, money or guidance on how to make it work.
You tried some marketing on your own or even paid a so-called internet marketer and web designer that guaranteed you top results only to fall flat.
Don't let your business and career get stuck in a rut. is your complete marketing library. Learn the internet marketing techniques agencies charge thousands of dollars a month for. Learn affordable or even free marketing strategies to take your business to its full potential. Every video features tips you can take action on today on your own.
Our video library features top internet marketers from some of the most respected internet marketing agencies in the business including Basket SEO and Dmadeit with a proven track record of helping all types of businesses grow their traffic, leads and profit.
•Increase traffic
•Gain respect and adoration
•Increase leads
•Increase profit
•Become internet famous
•Dominate your industry
"Hello my name is Wesley Shur and I just got started doing SEO and without this guide that Owerly has provided I would be lost and confused. Owerly provides a very easy, digestible, & applicable walk through on how to start doing SEO for clients and your own websites. It is straight to the point and there is no fluff which I enjoyed the most about his product. Thank you Owerly for providing people real techniques and a blueprint on how to get started in SEO. I would recommend this guide to everybody."Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 5.46.42 PM
Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 5.46.57 PM
Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 5.49.48 PM
Get access to every video in our library instantly streaming to your computer today for one low rate of $19.95/month (cancel anytime). Yes, you could literally watch every video in the library and cancel before the 2nd month and not pay another cent.
You will get:
For less than the cost a movie ticket, less than the cost of a t-shirt or 2 cups of coffee, you could potentially change your life and finally live out the dreams you always expected of yourself.
Each of the products in out library could easily be marketed and sold individually for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Similar products sell for $2000 for the first month and $200 every month after that. The thousands a month in savings from hiring an internet marketer alone will be worth it.
With a cancel link easily found at the bottom of your membership, you will be able to instantly cancel your membership anytime and never have to pay another month. All payments are done securely through Paypal, so your information is encrypted and secure and will never be seen by Owerly.
We are confident you will get 10x the value that you pay in our library and every new tutorial we put out every month that will keep you coming back as a happy customer.
Our tutorials are made to be simple, direct and to the point, step-by-step tutorials on the latest marketing techniques and skills that make the most money with the lowest cost possible or free.
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Don't end up another statistic with 90% of small businesses failing within 5 years.
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P.P.S. Still not convinced? Ok, to take all the risk out and make this a NO the link below for a $1 trial for your first month (then just $19.95 for every month after). Look through EVERY tutorial available in our ENTIRE library for an entire month. If for any reason you don't see 10x the value in continuing, simply cancel before you trial month is up and never pay a single cent ever again!



All payments are processed directly through PayPal so we never see any of your financial information.


LeadPages is the ultimate source for unlimited, high-quality, high-conversion capture pages.

At a low cost, it is the most effective way to quickly and easily create customized landing pages for your business, lead captures, offers and to build your newsletter followers with offers.

They have dozens and dozens of out-of-the-box landing page templates to fit every niche of business, every goal and affiliate marketing known. Fortune 500 companies use their capture pages as you will recognize a lot of templates used for many of the Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Free Offers your have clicked on in the past.

There is NO competition. I tried EVERY system before finally deciding on using LeadPages...

  • OptimizePress is an inexpensive plugin that allows you to create your own capture pages. There was a security breach in the coding of the plugin that caused all of my websites that I installed it into to get hacked and destroyed almost immediately.  The damage was so irreparable that I had to delete those websites completely and start over. From that experience, I now buy 2 monthly security services for my sites and daily back up service and will NEVER use Optimize Press again.
  • MLSP seemed expensive and built capture pages mostly designed to promote a Network Marketing/MLM company or to sell MLSP memberships. The training felt incomplete and mostly network marketing "gurus" self-promoting. I was able to get some leads but not a single sale in MLM or for MLSP.  It seems there was a larger payoff for early adapters that joined MLSP and Numis (a former MLM company).
  • MITS cost me literally thousands of dollars to get access to their complete learning library. The lectures felt incomplete like the speakers were holding back on the details of how they really make money for fear their users would copy it exactly and destroy the tactic. There was a lot of self-promotion from self-proclaimed "gurus" again. I tried to get a refund for my thousands of dollars after immediately seeing little to no value in their information or the amateurish stylized capture pages, but was denied. I got sold by their marketing to buy-in fully, but was over promised and under delivered.
  • I built my own capture pages using Aweber and MailChimp, but because I'm not a designer, they were not as clean, professional or eye-catching as a professionally designed capture page lowering my ROI on my PPC ads. Because I'm not a programmer, LeadPages makes it easier for me to create a A/B split test to design multiple landing pages for single ad to see which one converts better.

There is also an option to join the Lead Pages Affiliate program under the Pro Plan with a 30% commission for referrals. The mantra is never market a product you wouldn't use yourself as a customer. After weighing all my other options, Leadpages is the only system out their I would use as a customer for my landing pages, capture pages, lead generating campaigns, PPC ads, sales copy and free offers.  They not only give me the best looking templates, highest ROI, but also the flexibility to use their templates to fit any product or service I am selling or promoting for an internet marketing client. Join Lead Pages through one of the banners below, and direct help online with Owerly.


Start your free trial below by clicking on of the banners or links below:

LeadPages Free Offers




Facebook Advertising Course Free Offer




Find Out What Really Works in Facebook Advertising

with This Complete System (A $297 Value, Free)

What you’ll find below is a 100% free and no strings attached video course (with over 10 videos) … that takes you from start to finish through a profitable Facebook advertising campaign.

This system includes:

  • 11 easy-to-implement videos (in bite-size chunks)
  • 11 MP3 audios (to listen to the course on-the-go)
  • 24 downloadable PDFs (transcripts, module handouts, a checklist, and the Facebook Advertising System mindmap.)
  • ALL FREE for a Limited time promotion.