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Why is it Important to Struggle in MLM


Chapter 36 – Why is it Important to Struggle in MLM


Why is this so difficult!?  I want to quit!  Those people on stage had it easy because….

This is a profession and takes skill that has to be learned.  Work has to be put in not only learning how to meet new people, recruit and train but actually putting in the time, effort and work of actually doing it!  Some people have natural skill, natural influence, natural connections to powerful networkers or just happen to be in the right place at the right time.  The rest of us, and a large majority will have to work to get there.  Working to get there will give you the skill set, respect and fulfillment of staying at the top.

How can you help other people in your downline get past a difficulty, sticking point or fault if you never experienced it or gotten past it yourself?  You will be un-relatable to people struggling in MLM if you never had to struggle yourself.  The struggle will make you stronger and turn you into the leader you were meant to be.  Appreciate the hardships as lessons to be learned and figure out different ways to get past them. And, if it doesn’t work, try another way to get around it, past it or through it.


Life a plan for you.  You can do great things with the money you make from this industry to help a lot of people and help others help a lot of people who have no hope.  You owe it to them to keep going and succeed.


Continue your education


Chapter 35 – Continue your education in MLM


You don’t know what you don’t know until you see it for the first time.  Save yourself YEARS of headache by reading about how decades worth of people have done it before you.  Whether it’s a book, audio book, Ebook, CD, MP3 or DVD it’s important to keep learning.

Whatever weakness you have, whether it’s finding new prospects, recruiting, closing, talking to your warm market, public speaking, building relationships, dealing with people, etc. there are countless books for that showing you multiple ways to solve that problem.

Short on time?  Listen to audible books/CD/MP3 in your car while driving or working out.

Even after you “know it all”, keep reading and seeing what else is out there and new ways to recruit (like internet marketing and new social media platforms) and ways to recruit you’ve never tried or even heard of before (i.e. solo ads, copy writing, PPC).  Read recruiting material from other successful people in your industry to see how they do it and to see how they word their training.  Maybe they have a new technique or way of describing a technique to train people that you have never heard before.  Maybe you need a refresher course on aspects of this industry you have been neglecting recently.  For example, some people track daily method of operations by the number of No’s per day, number of contacts per day, holding 10 beans in their pocket, etc.

We are always growing and learning.  This is how you will continually improve to be able to make it to the top of the industry and stay there.





Do you need to plug in to your company training?


Chapter 33 – Why Do you need to plug in to your company training?


I don’t need to go to training to do this.  I know what I’m doing.  I will just look it up online.  Just tell me later what I need to know.  It’s too expensive.  I have a birthday/wedding/dog walking/supermarket/TV marathon to go to and can’t make it.  I went to it last time.  I’m too tired.  It’s too far.  I have no team going.  I have no ride.  I need to be recruiting during that time.


Sound familiar?  Yup, we’ve all had these excuses come across our minds.   So, WHY is my upline pressuring me to go to company events?  What a pain.  I wish they would just leave me alone!

Your upline is pressuring you to go for YOUR success.

One, you are not as good at this as you think you are and as amazing as your past history has been in whatever industry, you DON’T know everything you need to know about network marketing, about your company and the best way to present it, or both.  You don’t know what you don’t know, until you see it for the first time and learn it.  These events will give you ideas on how other people in your company are having success and how they are doing it (as every person does it slightly differently even when using the same system).  You will have an epiphany and break through from attending events about how to overcome sticking points and things holding you back that you didn’t even know were holding you back.

Furthermore, building a community is vital for your success.  Your team, especially your newest members, need to meet the other members of your team in person to feel a sense of community, make friends, get support and feel comfortable being able to approach other people on the team for help or to even ask questions.  The camaraderie built from going to events together will give moral support to teammates while they are building their business and keep them from quitting before they start seeing their first paychecks.

Second, you can network with other leaders and sideline teams to share information and support each other especially when you and them have prospects in cities where your direct line has no members but the other team does and can help you recruit (and NOT cross-recruit, gasp!).

Lastly, this will take you through the process of growing into a leader.  You will start by sitting in the audience.  As you see the same presentations presented over and over it will sink into your mind.  You will be able to repeat the presentation nearly verbatim. This skill will allow you to recruit easier and more effectively.  And, eventually, as your team grows YOU will be the one on stage and leading your own events.  And, you will be ready because you’ve seen it done a million times from going to all the events as a participant.

See you at the next event!





How to control your emotions


Chapter 32 – How to control your emotions


The ups and downs of network marketing can be too much to handle for anyone.  If you fall victim to every up and down, it will drive you insane.  The person you thought would join for sure and would blow up your business didn’t join.  The person that joined and said was “going to make you rich” ended up quitting (that has to do with managing their expectations when they join).  You get pumped during your company event ready to break it open only to go home and have your family call you stupid.  Ugh, you can’t take it anymore and are ready to quit and get off this roller coaster.


There is a solution.  Don’t let the highs get to high and don’t let the lows get too low.  Remain unaffected and you will be able to live your normal life without MLM tearing you apart emotionally or becoming an emotional and physical drain on you.  You might be saying, “hey, I’m not a robot!  I love to feel the passion of life and don’t want to stammer my happiness.”  Yes, I can see how that is a valid argument.  Unfortunately, if you plan to endure and reach your goals for long term happiness it’s important to control your expectations.

So, how do you control your emotions?  When things first happen, you attach emotions to it based on future expectations.  Control your emotions.  You can be happy when someone joins your team, but understand that not everyone will succeed in this industry and it’s up to them if they will do this business or not and is ultimately not under your control.  Therefore, you need to keep recruiting and move forward.

You can be sad when someone quits, not just for yourself but for them as well.  But, realize that this is not for everyone, they may come back as they see you succeed in the future and therefore, you need to keep recruiting and move forward.

As you can see, the actions in both cases is to keep recruiting and move forward.  FOCUS ON THE SKILLSET AND NOT THE RESULTS.  This is how you stay focused on your daily activities, which is what is MOST important for your success, rather than the outcome of the various things that happen.  Consistency is everything.  SPEED IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN OUTCOME.  Focus on your daily activities rather than the result and this will keep you on the focused path to success and not get distracted from emotionally draining, fleeting emotions that have no bearing on the current situation or has any effect on it.

Sometimes, people can blow small events out of proportion.  This is just a business.  There are people starving to death, people just being diagnosed with terminal diseases, or just had a loved one die.  Keep your emotions in proportion to the reality of your situation.  In the grand scheme of life, is this occurrence really as bad as you are making it?

If you are really depressed, consider seeking help or seek counseling with a mental health professional.





What to do When you Feel Like Quitting


Chapter 31 – What to do When you Feel Like Quitting


Top Reasons Why People Quit MLM.


You are now at a point where you are texting and calling your upline that you are quitting. You are feeling angry, desperate and ready to lash out. Check out below some of the top reasons you may be feeling, saying to yourself, upline or the people around you.

In general, as long as you are blaming outside factors, outside of yourself, you will not improve or grow to the point where you will experience success. Nobody starts at the top or the first in a company and gets a giant team and tons of money placed under them for free. They worked hard, trained and earned that position starting from nothing.

Stop blaming, figure out what you need help with and work on that instead.


  1. My upline/sponsor sucks!
    a.k.a. My upline is not a leader. My upline doesn’t call me. My upline isn’t making any money. This other upline in a different company is better. My upline said they would do something for me, but didn’t. My upline is not good at helping me recruit. My upline quit. My upline doesn’t build under me. My upline doesn’t know how to train. My upline is too busy and has no time for me. My upline didn’t teach me how to do this. My upline is too lazy. My upline bothers me too much. My upline pressures me too much. My upline doesn’t push me enough. My upline didn’t buy me something. My upline should pay this for me.

The reality is nobody can learn how to do this for you. This is truly your own business and up to you to take responsibility for your own success. Any shortcoming your upline has, look for or hire a mentor that can fill in that gap or learn how to do it on your own. Even switching to a different upline, they still won’t be able to do it for you. You will still have to take responsibility for your own success and failures.

  1. I can’t afford it!
    a.k.a. This is not a good time for me because of my bills. Autoship is too expensive. Packages are too expensive. Nobody can afford this. I need to use my money for something else.


Sounds like you really do need the extra money that this industry could provide. If you need a steady income, then get a job. If you need benefits, then get a job. You can get a job and do this in your spare time, at least until your network marketing income grows. Getting a job can in some ways help your business by introducing you to more people and giving you some credibility and influence in your job industry.

  1. I’m not having any success!
    a.k.a. This doesn’t work. I can’t do this. I am not that type of person that can have success in this. I did everything they told me to do and it’s not working. I give up! Only people that are ___ can do this.


There are 3 main skillsets to becoming successful including prospecting, recruiting and duplication. Which one are you stuck at? Find books and videos for that shortcoming and ask for help from mentors/upline or hire a coach. Everyone succeeds in a different timeline. Some people join and within 3 months skyrocket to the top ranks of a company. If this is not you, don’t get discouraged. This is not a race. As long as you finish, even if it takes years, you will enjoy the passive income you dreamed of and the reward is the same. And, as someone who struggled to the top, you will be able to relate to and help people on your team that are experiencing the same struggles.
Stay humble and grow.

  1. My company sucks!
    a.k.a. The comp plan doesn’t pay enough. My company is too new and not organized. My company is too old with no potential. Nobody wants the products/service. Their stuff sells cheaper online. This company is not growing. This company is not international. The leadership is not good.


The grass is always greener on the other side. Yes, the biz opp for the other company looks really good and easy, that’s because it’s a BIZ OPP. Honestly, if you don’t have the skillset of network marketing, you won’t likely have success regardless of the company you are in. Also, even if another company is better, doesn’t mean that people will want to follow you to it. You haven’t stuck around long enough to learn the skillsets of network marketing and people may see you as a quitter. Who wants an upline that quits? You need to grow and build a reputation for people to want to follow you.


  1. This industry sucks!
    a.k.a. You have to be at the top to make any money. It’s a scam. Nobody wants to do it. Only the company makes any money. The company keeps most of the profit.


This industry is time tested over decades and a way corporations can do effective marketing. Top global companies and businesses are entering this industry. Online stores sometimes have an affiliate program that pays for referrals. If you refer other people that become affiliates as well, shouldn’t you be compensated something for those referrals as well? Yes there are people in every company that make a ton of money, but they earned that position with hard work, dedication, personal development and leadership. You can get there too, it just takes time, dedication and effort. It’s not free. Nobody just gets to have thousands of people under them and gets to run up on stage for a free trophy. Focus on the skillset and your time may come.

  1. Nobody wants to do this!
    a.k.a. I can’t talk to anyone about this. People don’t like MLM. My boyfriend told me it’s a scam and I should quit. My wife says she will divorce me if I don’t quit. My girlfriend says she doesn’t want to hear anything about my company ever again. EVERYONE I talk to doesn’t want to do this. I don’t want to lose all my family and friends.


The bottom line, you are likely not talking to enough people. Make your list of your entire warm market and expose them to the business. Yes, even the people you think won’t do this. After you run out of people to talk to, learn to prospect to add new people to your list from the cold market. If you can recruit 1 out of 10 people you talk to you are doing great. If you are recruiting 2 out of 10 people you talk to you are a pro. If you recruit 3 out of 10 people, that is near impossible.


  1. I don’t have time for this!
    a.k.a. I’m busy doing another project. I’m too busy at work. I don’t have time to have major success in MLM. I have too many things on my mind. This is too stressful.


You are probably feeling this way because you are not seeing results right now (go back and read #6). Only a passive income will increase your free time. And, you can just do this in the time you are willing to spare every week. Finally, there are ways to incorporate this into your daily activities like prospecting when you are out at a mixer, event, bar, getting coffee, etc. so that it doesn’t have to take as much extra time out of your day.

  1. Nobody on my team can do this!
    a.k.a. Everyone quits. Nobody comes to the meetings. My team blames me for their failures. My team tells me I’m not a good leader. My recruit said someone said something bad to them and now they want to quit. I’m the only person that can recruit. People are dropping their autoship. People can’t recruit without me there.


Learn to train your team. Push them to events, show them your system and have them visit your training website. Duplication is the last skillset you will master in this game.





How to Believe in Yourself


Section Four – Mindset






Chapter 30 – How to Believe in Yourself when Nobody else Does


Everyone you’ve approached tells you it’s impossible (implying that it’s impossible for YOU).  Your upline has stopped calling, your downline blames you for their failure among other things, and all the dreams you had written down have magically not come true.  What’s left?  How do you keep going when nobody believes in you and you aren’t even sure about yourself anymore?

  1. Your past does not define your future.

Cut out negative self-talk.  What is negative self-talk?  Any sentence that you say outloud or to yourself that start with “I can’t…” or “I could never…”.  These are LIMITING BELIEFS that are self-defeating.  Just because you were one way in the past or have never done something before, it has no bearing on who you are now or who you can and will become in the future.

  1. Every skill is learned and CAN be learned.

This ties into #1.  There is no such thing as a natural.  People that are considered “naturals” simply had influences around them that taught them the skills or have put in countless hours of work to appear natural.  Any skill set to further your success can be learned.

  1. Find the answer you need.  Look for a mentor, read voraciously, ask for help.

When you decide on the skill sets you need (making new friends, meeting people, cold approach, closing, building relationships, public speaking, style, cold calling, etc.), figure out where you are going to learn those skill sets.  This can include upline, a paid coach, mentor, books, audio books, tutorial videos, conference seminars, eBooks, industry blogs, etc.  Keep looking for help until you have that skill mastered.  If you can teach it to someone else, it will take you to the next level in that skill set.

  1. When all else fails, and even you stop believing in yourself….activity.   Learn from your failures.

Sometimes you’ve tried it all, been coached by many and still aren’t seeing results.  In these down times, continue with your daily operations.  Put in the action steps day by day despite not seeing results or even seeing the goal.  In this way, you will continue to build your skills as you reflect each time on how you can do it better next time and you may build some momentum with consistent effort.  Continue to meet new people daily, show them the presentation, ask a closing question and introduce them to your team and training system.

Don’t give up.  Dreams come true.





Why you can’t succeed in MLM alone


Chapter 29 – Why you can’t succeed in MLM alone


MLM is a team sport.  Without a team, you are doing sales and your income will not likely be passive.  As you grow your organization, you will need help leading your team as you are only one person and will not likely be able to mentor everyone at the same time.  Furthermore, no matter how hard you try, not everyone in your team will agree with your methods or even like you.  The likelihood they will succeed will increase if they find an upline leader that they do look up to and can learn from.  Let your pride and ego go, and allow other people in your organization to lead your people, prospects, team and it will lead you to success.  This is a business, not a solo game.





Why is it important to start with a package?


Chapter 28 – Why is it important to start with a package?


These packages are too expensive.  I don’t need a package, I can just recruit.  I can’t afford it.  I will build a team first and then get a package.

Without a package, it will be very difficult to do your business if not near impossible.  Take a look at the 6 and 7-figure earners in your company. Do any of them not have a package?  Do any of them have anything but the largest package the company offers?  Why is that?  Because it’s hard to do a business without the product you are offering to people.  Plus, how will anyone believe what you are offering has any value if you don’t even have it?  Finally, if you don’t get a package, nobody on your team who joins you will get a package either and it will start a chain reaction of failure where not only is nobody making any money without any volume being pumped into the team from packages but every agent that joins your team without a package will not be equipped to even be able to have a chance to succeed.

Come up with the money and get it.  If this is truly your business, every business has a startup cost.  This is not a hundred thousand dollar restaurant or $20,000 in inventory you need to sell.  You can consider borrowing some money, putting it on a credit card, sell something or partner with someone to be able to afford your package and go after this business with a fighting chance.





How to Deal with a Bad Leader


Chapter 27 – How to Deal with a Bad Leader


My upline/sponsor sucks!
a.k.a. My upline is not a leader. My upline doesn’t call me. My upline isn’t making any money. This other upline in a different company is better. My upline said they would do something for me, but didn’t. My upline is not good at helping me recruit. My upline quit. My upline doesn’t build under me. My upline doesn’t know how to train. My upline is too busy and has no time for me. My upline didn’t teach me how to do this. My upline is too lazy. My upline bothers me too much. My upline pressures me too much. My upline doesn’t push me enough. My upline didn’t buy me something. My upline should pay this for me. My upline is a jerk.  My upline is selfish/annoying/defensive/insecure/(insert negative adjective).


The reality is nobody can learn how to do this for you. This is truly your own business and up to you to take responsibility for your own success. Any shortcoming your upline has, look for or hire a mentor that can fill in that gap or learn how to do it on your own. Even switching to a different upline, they still won’t be able to do it for you. You will still have to take responsibility for your own success and failures.

Your upline has their own issues and problems going on and a team of other people also with their own personal demands and expectations.  It is impossible for any leader to be able to be the exact person everyone wants for a large group of people and just realize your leader will have aspects you will like and not like.  Focus on the positives and find someone or something to replace or work around the negatives.

Miscommunication  is COMMON in this industry.  Everyone communicates their own way and your leader may not communicate in a way that you like.  It can come off abrasive or insensitive or condescending or a million different ways.  You are attaching emotion to things your leader says and possibly taking offense.  If you are planning to quit over being offended, you may not be cut out for this business or possibly any business.  These small emotional setbacks are small compared to the much bigger challenges you will face in becoming successful in this industry.  Let it go, and focus on solutions how to reach your goals of success in network marketing.

Give your upline a break, soon you will have a large team and you will have people saying the same negative things about you regardless of how hard you try to please everyone and you will have some empathy.





Why You Can’t be in 2 Companies at the Same Time


Chapter 26 – Why You Can’t be in 2 Companies at the Same Time


You just came up with a great idea. You are going to work 2 companies at the same time, maybe you were in one and you went to a biz opp that sounded good that you don’t want to miss out on.  Maybe you’ve decided that if people don’t want to buy from one of your companies, they can buy or join the other.  Maybe you think your 2 MLMs go together and compliment each other where people may want both services or products.  Wow genius, now you are going to double your income, recruit double the people and have double the chance you will succeed in at least one.  And, if you join every new company that looks good to you, you won’t miss out on the next big company!

Sorry to be the one to break it to you, it’s NOT likely going to work.  You may have seen a leader have success in one company, and moved on to build another company with success and miraculously didn’t get their paycheck cut from their prior company.  This is rare and the exception to the rule and they likely did not build both companies at the same time.


Here are the problems that could arise from trying to do more than one company:

  1. People view you as a weak leader with no commitment.
  2. People may assume you are not making money in either company or not doing well in either which is why you are in 2.
  3. People may feel both companies have lower value when you present.
  4. Your downline may not know which company to join or promote.
  5. Your downline may feel they have to join another company like you and it likely won’t be the same 2nd company as yours.
  6. You and your downline might cross recruit between 2 companies with people getting confused and flipping back and forth.
  7.  You likely won’t build momentum in either company splitting your prospects and energy between 2 companies.  Which company are you planning to promote that day and to the new prospect you just met?
  8.  You are paying for 2 autoships simultaneously and splitting your advertising budget and marketing campaigns.

Don’t do it.  Be more decisive or one of those companies may make the decision for you by cutting your check.