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Learn Copywriting Sales Copy

Learn Copywriting/Sales Copy to Sell More (Full Video)

Learn Copywriting Sales Copy
Learn Copywriting Sales Copy


Copywriting is a commercial in written format that convinces to audience to want to buy or take action. If you are not making conversions despite having traffic, your copywriting/sales copy could be broken. The one skill many entrepreneurs lack is copywriting, despite it being one of the most important skills to make money. Here are some copywriting tips and templates.



1. Copy Writing/Sales Copy Owerly
2. What is it? • Copywriting is written content conveyed through online media and print materials. Copy is a content primarily used for the purpose of advertising or marketing. This type of written material is often used to persuade a person or group as well as raise brand awareness.
3. Places to use it • direct mail pieces, taglines, jingle lyrics, web page content • online ads, e-mail and other Internet content, television or radio commercial scripts • press releases, white papers, catalogs, billboards, brochures, postcards, sales letters
4. • social media content • blog posts • tweets • Other social-networking site posts, profiles and captions.
5. Swipe File • A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven advertising and sales letters. Keeping a swipe file (templates) is a common practice used by advertising copywriters and creative directors as a ready reference of ideas for projects. • Google “Swipe File Templates”
6. Overcome Objections • Do you understand my problem? • Are you qualified? • How can I trust you? • It doesn’t work. • What if I change my mind? • I don’t have enough money.
7. Know Your Target Audience • What makes them feel important • Problems and conflicts • Type of products that interest them • Price they are willing to pay • How quickly they want a solution • Relate to the reader • Age/Generation • Reading level (industry experts, lay people) • Focus on One audience at a time
8. Value of your Product • Why should the consumer buy your product • How is your product better than other products
9. Unique Marketing Angle • Plan or offer that is different than the competition • Must compel customers to buy
10. Have a Clear Objective • Have a clear purpose and call-to-action for your copy • What exactly do you want your customer to do after reading your copy
11. Layout • Attention grabbing headline • Large Font, Red Color • Break down content into bite size chunks • Headlines, Bullet points, short paragraphs
12. Types of Copy • Plain-Presents facts and benefits • Storytelling – Intro, Conflict, Dialogue, Solution • Conversational/ “You and Me” – Conversation between the reader “you” and the copywriter “me”, understand where the reader is coming from and why this is the right solution • Imagine – “Picture this…” • Long Copy – Answers all possible questions
13. Attention Grabbing Headline • Get straight to the point of what your audience wants or is looking for • “How to ____” – How to Lose Weight – How to Get a Girlfiend – How to Become a Millionaire • “The Secret to ____ Finally Revealed!” – The Secret to Weightloss Finally Revealed
14. What is the problem? • Get to the root of the reader’s pain and agony. Let them know you truly understand their problem. • “There is nothing worse than…” – There is nothing worse than spending another weekend alone… – There is nothing worse than going though diet after diet an not having the body you always dreamed about...
15. What is the Solution? • Introduce your product or service and how it will solve their problem. Let them know there is no need to struggle through their pain and suffering needlessly any longer. – With system X you will finally have the solution you’ve been looking for.
16. Your Credentials • Why should your audience trust you? How do they know this will really solve their problems? – Respected Clients – Success Case Studies – Years of Experience – Publications – Certifications – Education
17. Benefits • How will your audience personally benefit from your product/service • What will be the end result of using your product/service, NOT just listing the features • Freedom to travel and do what you want, NOT just make more money
18. Testimonials/Social Proof • Gain the trust of readers with Customer/Client Testimonials • Where were your customers before and after using your product/service? How did it help them specifically? • Video, written, screen capture • Photos, contact information, links, bio, location
19. The Offer • States your irresistible offer with a competitive price, free limited time offers • Clearly state the terms and conditions
20. The Guarantee • Ease the fears of getting ripped-off with a Guarantee • Money-back Guarantee • 100% Money-back, no questions asked • Warranty
21. Scarcity/Urgency • Limited time free bonuses/offers • Limited amounts available • Offered price for a limited time
22. Call to Action • State EXACTLY, precisely and simply, step-by- step what the reader has to do to take advantage of your offer • Call-in, Buy now, click a link, come in person to your office by a certain date
23. Warning • What will happen to them if they don’t take your offer? • What will their life be like? • Remind them of their pain • Lose special pricing and bonuses • Never have the body they dreamed about • Continue to struggle at a job they hate
24. Closing Reminder • End with a postscript (P.S.) • Remind them one last time of your amazing offer

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Learn Facebook Ads PPC for Sales, Recruiting and Lead Gen (Full Video)


Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Pay-Per-Click Advertising


The social media algorithms are placing a greater emphasis on paid reach rather than organic reach. If your posts are reaching fewer and fewer people, maybe it's time to bite the bullet and put up some dollars (hopefully to make more dollars). After all, these are corporations that need to make money, what did you think was going to happen? Free advertising couldn't last forever. Still looking to scrape by with free advertising on social media? Check out or Live Video article...while that still works.


1. Facebook Ads
2. Why Facebook Ads? • 2015, Facebook had 1.49 billion monthly active users • The platform is the most popular social network worldwide • Geo targeted, interested focused, demographic focused ads • Easily measurable, instantly demonstratable results • Reasonable, readily controlled budgets
3. Create Your Ad • • Hit “Create Ad” in the upper Right Menu
4. Types of Ads • Boost your posts – Have more people shown your Business Fan Page Post • Promote your Page – Get more Likes • Send people to your website – Send people that click on your page to a Specific website • Increase conversions on your website – track action conversions using a tracking pixel on the thank you page
5. Types of Ads • Get installs of your app • Increase engagement on your app • Reach people near your business – Advertise locally • Raise attendance at your event – for a Facebook event • Get people to claim your offer • Get video views
6. Target Audience • Choose your targeted demographic
7. Target Audience • Choose their interests
8. Choose your Budget
9. Pick your Ad Pictures
10. Pick a Button and Publish
11. My Budget
12. Analysis • CTR - the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown expressed as a % (clicks ÷ impressions) • Reach - the number of people who have seen your post • Ad Impressions - the number of times a post from your Page is displayed, whether the post is clicked or not. People may see multiple impressions • Average CPM - Cost per thousand impressions • Average CPC - measurement of cost on a per-click basis
13. Retargeting Pixel • you place a small, unobtrusive piece of code on your website that drops an anonymous browser cookie • run ads to people that viewed your Sales Page but did not buy • Goto • Goto “Tools” and select “Audience”
14. Create Audience
15. • Click “Create Audience” • Select “Custom Audience”
16. • Select Website Traffic
17. Create Pixel
18. Get Pixel Code
19. Add Pixel Code to Site
20. Add Pixel Code to Your Site • Paste the Facebook pixel code between the <head> and </head> tags of your web page. You may already have other existing code between the head tags, so just place the pixel code underneath that, but above </head>.
21. • Select the pixel you setup when creating a new ad
22. Conversion Pixel • Conversion Pixel -placed on the order completion page you can then run ads to Facebook asking them to target people that look just like your buyers
23. Select “Create a Conversion Tracking Pixel”
24. Click “Create Pixel” on Right
25. Select “View Pixel Code” button
26. Insert Pixel Code to Conversion Page (i.e. Thank You Page)
27. Find Pixel and Select Create Ad
28. Select Pixel on New Ad
29. My Average Ad Stats
30. My Ad Photos
31. My Final Ad Copy
32. Ad Likes and Capture Page
33. Capture Page
34. Capture Page Heading
35. Information Page Post Opt-in
36. Follow-up Autoresponder Email
37. Broadcast Emails
38. Call Script • Hi (Their Name), This is (Your Name), How's it going? • I'm calling from and you opted in to get more information about our Launch into Australia and I just wanted to call to see if you had any questions and to give you some details. • Is it a good time to chat or are you busy right now? (If busy, tell them you will call back later and text & email them some information and follow-up.)
39. • (Get to know them. For example....) • Great, do you have network marketing experience? What kind of work are you doing right now? What has you looking to start a business?
40. • Great, well let me give you a quick rundown about what my company is doing. This is a billion dollar skin care line made by the #1 Skin Care Manufacturer that sells in 40 countries, including Australia, since 2005 that has gone into direct sales in 2011. They have produced multiple 6 and 7-figure earners since then in every country they launched in including the US, Canada, Mexico, Korea and Australia is next. Only 1000 spots are available and the offer ends Jan. 5th. As a founder you will get a share in the bonus pool and exclusivity to recruit from Jan to May 2014.
41. • If you are open to it, I can send you our website to get more information. Check out and let me know what you think. When would be a good time to get back to you? Great, talk to you then. (and then You and I will call them on a 3- way call to CLOSE and I can answer any objections that they have. If they start having objections right away, tell them you will have a U.S. Leader call to answer all their questions.)
42. Start with Your List • The money is in the List • Do you already have a database of customers/buyers? • • Click “Tools” in the top Menu • Select Audiences
43. Create Audience
44. • Click “Create Audience” • Select “Custom Audience”
45. • Select Audience Method
46. • Select Customer List
47. • Return to “Create Audience” • Select “Lookalike Audience”
48. • Your Lookalike Audience will be available when you create a new ad
49. Audience Research • Select “Audience Insights”
50. • Choose “High Conversion” Interests/Keywords, i.e. popular competitor products (buyer keywords) rather than general terms
51. • Narrow your audience to high converters (focus your marketing budget)
52. • Hit “Create Ad” button in Upper Right Corner to use targeted audience in new Ad
53. Questions? •

Milo Yiannopoulos Dangerous #1

Milo Yiannopoulous’s Book Surges To #1 On Amazon Thanks To Liberal Backlash

Milo Yiannopoulous’s Book Surges To Number One On Amazon Thanks To Backlash

Senior Breitbart editor and self-proclaimed provocateur Milo Yiannopoulous reaches number one on Amazon for best-selling books.

Vast social media and media response from SJWs resulted in trending, free advertising for the author.

This exactly mimics the growth hacking marketing used by Ryan Holiday as discussed in his book Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator. In this story, holiday creates a manufactured controversy surrounding American apparel while serving as the marketer for that brand.

The coverage created from the manufactured controversy skyrocketed sales for the clothing brand.

Milo Yiannopoulous’s Book Dangerous comes out in March 2017 in Hard cover, Kindle and Audio CD.

Backlash came from prominent celebrities as well including comedian Sarah Silverman's Twitter:

Outrage came from the Left following a $250,000 book deal from publisher Simon & Schuster.

#Milo became the #1 trending hashtag on Twitter where he was recently banned for life over a controversy involving a feud with actress Leslie Jones. Milo and his college tour can be found at

How to Make Great Powerpoint Presentations

Making an impressive Powerpoint presentation can be the difference between success and failure. Whether it's to make the next sale or for an online presentation, these tips will help you stand out.

1. For lists, instead of bullets, select the list, goto SmartArt and select the lists function in that heading to make artistic and 3D lists.

2. For video, after inserting the video you can crop the video into various shapes besides rectangular and use autoplay.

Select Video
Hit Crop to Change the Frame
Select Format to use a Pre-set style

Select Video
Goto Format
Select a new Video Shape

Add Video Border

3. Select Text box, and goto Animation to select preset animation like Fly in from Left (by selecting left arrow).

4. Select Slide, and click Transitions and select the animation to introduce that slide.

5. Insert background music, adjust volume and select "Loops Until Stopped" and "Play across slides" and hit the play in background button.
(You can also record audio for a slide and insert it)

6. Select video or text box, goto animation and select an animation path or fade in and fade out for items within slide.