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Bassnectar Basscon Photos Videos Coverage 2016 Project Z

Bassrush + Basscon: Project Z Photos and Videos Gallery

Ages 18+ Only
at NOS Events Center
689 S E St., San Bernardino, CA 92408

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Comic Con 2016 Photos San Diego Models Girls

Comic Con 2016 Photos San Diego

Comic Con 2016 Photos San Diego Models Girls

Photos from Comic Con 2016 San Diego



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Wow. This year's comic con was even better than last year with a lot of fixes.  No more long, painful lines for exclusives.  They had a ticket system where all you need to do is arrive first to pickup limited exclusive tickets for a particular collectible or autograph and still be able to enjoy the booths, panels and rooms.

There were 2 different lines you can wait in before they open to enter at different sides of the convention center to get to the wanted ticket line faster (No Running Allowed!).

It was basically seperated into 3 sections, comic books, vendors/sponsors, and original art. Panels, game rooms and other rooms were upstairs.
Sanrio had 3 exclusives to pick from along with an autograph session. Buy Sanrio Exclusives from Comic Con Here

Hot Wheels revealed their Star Wars Collection.

Disney revealed a record that creates a 3D hologram Tie Fighter.

Don't forget all the cosplayers.

Bait sold out of their exclusives fast. Check out this Bait Felix the Cat collaboration. Get Bait Exclusives from Comic Con 2016 Here

Celebrity sightings...

Unreal displays...




Click to View Full Gallery Part 1 (1001 photos)

Click to View Full Gallery Part 2 (163 photos)

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Woogie Weekend 2016

What is it really like to go to Woogie Weekend? Woogie Weekend 2016 Gallery and Videos.

What is it really like to go to Woogie Weekend?

ViewGalleryButtonWoogie Weekend 2016


What is it like to goto a Transformational Festival? Woogie Weekend 2016 Event Coverage

Somewhere between a Burning Man burner and a Electric Daisy Carnival raver, is a transformational festival goer.

After an 8 mile local drive off the 22 freeway, you will enter a dirt road where security will check your trunk and car and move you along to a dirt lot where you will park and pick-up your bracelet either from your eventbrite pass or by paying cash.

You will get back into your car and continute to drive up the road to the general lot (along with the campsites and RV parking).

Walk through Gate 3 and you will see the main stage (Hive) on the right.

Continue walking to see original art work, hammocks and a lake.

Get to the end, and you will see a giant slip and slide and the Woogie Weekend lawn sign.

Come back up the other side and pass by clothing vendors, food and drink vendors, popsicle carts and porta-potties.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 8.21.15 PM

Anime Expo 2016 Los Angeles Coverage Photos & Videos


Anime Expo is the largest anime and manga convention in North America held at the Los Angeles Convention Center - July 1st-4th, 2016. They have grown in attendance every consecutive year from 4883 people in 1998 to around 50,000 people in attendance currently.


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Noob Walk-through

Buy your 1 or 4-day pass online @

Park in one of the adjacent lots or take the Metro Blue Line to the Pico station.

Pre-registration passes are picked up from the side entrance...after waiting in a giant winding line.


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Once you get your pass, you will be directed to the South Hall Lobby. In the past, this area was open to the public but this year they have closed it to people with passes only probably due to capacity as well as security. This is where most of the Cosplay Photography is happening.

Make your way to the Exhibit Hall up the escalator for the Vendor booths, Art Booths, and Sponsor Stages.

Once you exit, walk through the hall past the campass cafe to the Entertainment hall on the other side where you will find game tournaments, Cosplay Backdrops and a mini-car show that is new this year.

Once your done, you can spend time in the lounges, Anime viewing rooms and speaker panels.

Don't forget to grab some food at the food truck court outside.



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Day 2

I missed a room.  Head back down the escalator to Kentia Hall to visit the Artist Row where you can buy original artwork or play table games.


Read the AX program to find out scheduled events happening. Line up for the event BEFORE it starts or you may not be allowed in...


Take more pics in the South Hall Lobby and Entertainment Hall.

Wrap it up at the After Party...

Day 3

Get your shopping done at the Exhibit Hall....

Check Facebook Events to look for group photoshoots that match you Cosplay and when/where they are going to shoot...

Get tickets to see the Masquerade and finish the day with more events in the program.

Goto to see Video coverage of AX 2016

Day 4

Finally, less people so you can actually drive and park, finish up your shopping and take some last minute pictures.

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Electric Daisy Carnival 2016 Las Vegas EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival 2016 Las Vegas Coverage EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival 2016 Las Vegas EDC

EDC Walk-through

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) has become one of the country's largest raves. Tickets can be bought at or if you wait until the last minute,  Don't forget to get a EDC shuttle pass and book a hotel early as those sell out as well.  We picked MGM as that is one of the EDC shuttle stops which also has one of the shortest wait lines.

(see the Full Gallery Here)
Be sure to get tickets early as the price goes up and eventually sell-out. Re-selling tickets can be a pain as they mail them to you late. I received mine the Monday the week of the event.

Shuttles are great because they take you through a different route that cuts through an airforce base to get you to the event faster (about 1 hr).  I brought headphones for the trip there and slept on the way back.

When you arrive, pick the shortest bag check line, and scan your bracelet for entry.



Once you are in, consider dropping by the Merchandise booths first as items are limited and they offer different items every day.

Take a lap around the event and check out the outside stages and then the inside ones/carnival area. Games in the carnival were free to play and they had Wifi access there. There are air conditioned indoor areas in  and surrounding the Carnival area.


Kinetic Field (Main Stage)




Circuit Grounds


Neon Garden



Cosmic Meadow












Upside Down House

...Best bathrooms are indoor ones at the entrance gate behind Cosmic Meadow



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