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Plug-ins to be installed include:

  • All In One SEO Pack
  • Wordfence
  • Contact Form 7
  • Google Analytics Input
  • W3 Total Cache
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Learn Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live for Marketing and Sales (Full Video)

Learn Facebook Live Video
Learn Facebook Live Video


Live Video is one of the last ways you can still reach audiences organically, effectively without paying. Become an early adopter and take advantage of live video on Facebook and other platforms before corporations move in and dominate the space.



2. INTRODUCTION Live streaming video with capture Build relationships faster with Audience (Know, Like and Trust) Broadcast from personal page, business page or to a group Start a post and click the live icon Allow access to camera and mic Hit continue button to go live Set privacy settings to “Public” if using personal profile You can use “Pages” or “Facebook” App, or Group Event
3. SETUP Let people in Advance When you are going to go Live Bring Extra Battery Power Consider using Airplain Mode and Wifi in order to avoid incoming calls interrupting (Avoid using Data plan) Have good lighting Attention grabbing headline - Benefits
4. STREAM Remind people to follow you so they get a reminder when you are Live Let them know the benefits if they watch Introduction to Audience Bring Value-Educate, Entertain, Inform Engage (Say hi to people that login, Converse with comments) Broadcast up to 90 minutes End session with call-to-action (Mention Resource, Page, Offer)
5. AFTER Hit Finish Button Save video to camera roll (Can upload in other places as well-YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) Select upload higher quality version Confirm video appears on your Facebook Fan Page Continue engagement with comments or questions on video after it has been posted Share/Syndicate video – Blog, Groups, Newsletter
6. BEST PRACTICES Stream Regularly Have a Schedule for followers to login Consider using a tripod, Microphone, Video lights Syndicate and Re-purpose Content (YouTube, Instagram, Blog, Newsletter)
7. BOOST POST Consider Boosting Post Get more likes Promote business offer After broadcast, the video is saved as a post View Analytics by hitting “reach” under the post View comments and shares
8. BOOST POST Click boost post under video Or Goto Ads Manager Hit Create Ad for a post that is doing well Select “Boost your post” Select Fan Page Select Post you want to boost Optimize for Video Views (See Facebook Ads Tutorial)
9. CONTENT IDEAS Your business in action Show some personal life Q&A audience session Tutorials Industry Updates Interview Promotion Live Event Broadcast

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Learn Google PPC Online (Full Video)

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Pay-Per-Click Advertising


1. Google PPC Owerly
2. What is Google PPC  Google PPC or Google Adwords 
3. Bid  Conversion Rate x Lifetime Value = Suggested Starting Bid  customer may only spend $ 50 on the first purchase to your site, but may come back on four more occasions and spend a total of $ 550. Their Lifetime Value would be $600
4.  five percent conversion rate,  Lifetime Value of a new customers is $ 50,  highest you would want to initially bid would be $ 2.50.  0.05 x $ 50 = $ 2.50  breakeven point
5.  set your monthly budget to a point where you can get at least 500 clicks  Conversion Rate x Per Unit Profit = Breakeven CPC  10% Coversion Rate x $ 20 Per Unit Profit = $ 2 Breakeven CPC
6. Quality Score  Quality Score is Google's algorithm that approximates how likely your ad is to be clicked on when displayed in the search results that you are targeting.  precise and specific with your keywords, text ads, and landing pages
7. Ad Extensions  add more context and content to your ads.  the 'call' button that you often see on mobile searches. That button can be added through a campaign and lets customers one-touch dial a provided number directly from the advertisement.
8.  Sitelink extensions  Location extensions  Call extensions  App extensions  Review extensions  Callout extensions
9. Ad Groups  five to ten keywords in any given Ad Group.  Account > Campaign > Ad Groups  Ad Groups should be different ways to describe the campaign's main idea.
10. Call Extension  local company or a service-based company,  count calls over thirty seconds as a conversion.
11. Headline  twenty five characters  attention-grabbing: question, bold statement
12. Description  two lines of text that are displayed underneath the headline.  Answer what is it  Why should they click through  Use keywords
13. URL  URL is your website address.  Can display shorter url than actual url
14. dynamic keyword insertion  insert the phrase that a user searched into your advertisement copy.  can be used in the headline, description lines, or display URL,   Headline: Buy {KeyWord:Chocolate}  AdWords will try to replace this code with one of your keywords in your ad group ("dark chocolate," "sugar free chocolate," "gourmet chocolate truffles"), but when it can't, it'll use the word "Chocolate."
15. Keyword match types  Broad - gives Google the ability to change out words for close synonyms  Broad Modifier- the words that need to be included in a user's search (+ keyword + keyword + keyword).
16.  Phrase match - additional words can be added in front or behind the phrase".  put quotes around your keywords (" keywords").  Exact match - wrap your keywords or phrases in square brackets ([ keywords]).  Negative match - do not want any searches with this word to trigger my ads". minus in front of a keyword (- keyword -keyword -keyword).
17. Competition research  Spyfu and SEMrush  input your competitor's URL  daily spend, to text ads and destination URLs can be seen.
18. Google Keyword Planner  Google Keyword Planner
19. Optimize  Keyword Report and clicking Search Terms > All under the Details dropdown.  click through rates (CTR)  Consider pausing any keywords that are around twenty percent below the average.  One hundred impressions is the minimum number to allow before pausing, and more is better.
20.  which campaigns, Ad Groups and keywords are driving the most interested users.  pause the one that lost the A/ B battle and replace it with another challenger.  create unique landing pages
21.  Retargeting allows you to serve banner ads to people that have previously been to your site.  ?hl=en  Remarketing lets you show ads to people who've visited your website or used your mobile app.  Start your campaign out with many long tail keywords. These less competitive key terms are usually made up of three words or more.
22. PPC Pitfalls  Google uses similar keyword phrases and charge you for clicks that are not related to your target audience  i.e., “Kung Fu School” is not the same as “Karate Performance”  You will get a unrelated click that Google charges you for and will not convert to a sale
23. PPC Pitfalls  Avoid by using [brackets] “quotes” or +plus signs when inputing your keywords  [brackets] exact match  “quotes” search query contains quotes phrase plus words before or after  + search query can contain a derivation of the word like plural but not substitute the word with a different similar word/synonym  - search query cannot contain the word following a minus sign  Check by going to AdWords, Click Campaign, Click Ad Group, Keywords Tab, Details Tab, All (Follow-up keyword reporting)
24. PPC Pitfalls  You ad gets displayed on websites and in countries that target the wrong audience/do not bring you sales  De-select/Turn off “Search and Display” option  Review sites in network:  Click Tools and Analysis  Goto Display Planner  Enter keyword phrase  Click “Get Ad group ideas” (see keywords used)  Click “Placement tab” (see sites used)
25. PPC Pitfalls  Select which sites to exclude from the display network  Select Campaign  Click Display Network Tab  Click Placements tab  To exclude a site from the display network Click the Green Dot next to the site to turn it red  To deactivate display network  Login to AdWords  Select Campaign  Click Settings tab  Under “Type”, select “Search Network Only”
26. PPC Pitfalls  To exclude questionable sites from display network:  Login to AdWords  Select Campaign  Click on the Display Network Tab  Click on Placements tab  Select Campaign Exclusions, Site Category Options  Exclude Parked Domains, Error pages, etc.  After campaign has been ran, Click placements tab and review sites for more sites to be excluded
27. PPC Pitfalls  Enhanced Campaigns  Ads will be shown on mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.)  Not good if your site  Is Not mobile friendly  Requires a checkout process that needs a desktop  Targets an audience that are mostly on desktops
28. PPC Pitfalls  Turn off enhanced campaigns  Create your campaign  Select Search Network Only  Under devices it will states “Ads will show on all type of devices”  Goto campaign name  Click Settings tab  Scroll to devices and click “Change Mobile bid adjustment”  Goto Mobile devices and Click box “Bid adj.” and select Decrease by and enter 100%
29. Targeting Ads  Use enhanced campaigns to Target  Increase AdWords bids for people geographically near  Increase AdWords bids for people with mobile devices  Increase AdWords bids for people during specific times
30. Get Calls  Phone number cannot be used in ads  Replaced with “call extension  Click “Ad extensions” tab in campaign  In View tab, select Call Extensions  Use Google forwarding phone number  Or Use your own Phone Number (free if viewed from Desktop)  Charged per call
31. Resources  Google Partners  Spyfu ad tracking (see competitor ads)  (see competitor ads)  Support  Adwords Blog  (See competitor keywords)
32. Resources  Bid calculator  Engage program for Agencies
33. Disclaimer  Google has not endorsed this guide, nor has Google nor anyone affiliated with Google been involved in the production of this guide.  Any reference to or citation of third party products or services whether for Google AdWords, or otherwise, should not be construed as an endorsement of those products or services tools, nor as a warranty as to their effectiveness or compliance with the terms of service of Google AdWords.  Internet marketing is an art, and not a science. Any changes to your Internet marketing strategy, including SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords, is at your own risk. Overly does not assume any responsibility for the effect of any changes you may, or may not, make to your website or AdWords advertising based on the information in this tutorial.

Learn Copywriting Sales Copy

Learn Copywriting/Sales Copy to Sell More (Full Video)

Learn Copywriting Sales Copy
Learn Copywriting Sales Copy


Copywriting is a commercial in written format that convinces to audience to want to buy or take action. If you are not making conversions despite having traffic, your copywriting/sales copy could be broken. The one skill many entrepreneurs lack is copywriting, despite it being one of the most important skills to make money. Here are some copywriting tips and templates.



1. Copy Writing/Sales Copy Owerly
2. What is it? • Copywriting is written content conveyed through online media and print materials. Copy is a content primarily used for the purpose of advertising or marketing. This type of written material is often used to persuade a person or group as well as raise brand awareness.
3. Places to use it • direct mail pieces, taglines, jingle lyrics, web page content • online ads, e-mail and other Internet content, television or radio commercial scripts • press releases, white papers, catalogs, billboards, brochures, postcards, sales letters
4. • social media content • blog posts • tweets • Other social-networking site posts, profiles and captions.
5. Swipe File • A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven advertising and sales letters. Keeping a swipe file (templates) is a common practice used by advertising copywriters and creative directors as a ready reference of ideas for projects. • Google “Swipe File Templates”
6. Overcome Objections • Do you understand my problem? • Are you qualified? • How can I trust you? • It doesn’t work. • What if I change my mind? • I don’t have enough money.
7. Know Your Target Audience • What makes them feel important • Problems and conflicts • Type of products that interest them • Price they are willing to pay • How quickly they want a solution • Relate to the reader • Age/Generation • Reading level (industry experts, lay people) • Focus on One audience at a time
8. Value of your Product • Why should the consumer buy your product • How is your product better than other products
9. Unique Marketing Angle • Plan or offer that is different than the competition • Must compel customers to buy
10. Have a Clear Objective • Have a clear purpose and call-to-action for your copy • What exactly do you want your customer to do after reading your copy
11. Layout • Attention grabbing headline • Large Font, Red Color • Break down content into bite size chunks • Headlines, Bullet points, short paragraphs
12. Types of Copy • Plain-Presents facts and benefits • Storytelling – Intro, Conflict, Dialogue, Solution • Conversational/ “You and Me” – Conversation between the reader “you” and the copywriter “me”, understand where the reader is coming from and why this is the right solution • Imagine – “Picture this…” • Long Copy – Answers all possible questions
13. Attention Grabbing Headline • Get straight to the point of what your audience wants or is looking for • “How to ____” – How to Lose Weight – How to Get a Girlfiend – How to Become a Millionaire • “The Secret to ____ Finally Revealed!” – The Secret to Weightloss Finally Revealed
14. What is the problem? • Get to the root of the reader’s pain and agony. Let them know you truly understand their problem. • “There is nothing worse than…” – There is nothing worse than spending another weekend alone… – There is nothing worse than going though diet after diet an not having the body you always dreamed about...
15. What is the Solution? • Introduce your product or service and how it will solve their problem. Let them know there is no need to struggle through their pain and suffering needlessly any longer. – With system X you will finally have the solution you’ve been looking for.
16. Your Credentials • Why should your audience trust you? How do they know this will really solve their problems? – Respected Clients – Success Case Studies – Years of Experience – Publications – Certifications – Education
17. Benefits • How will your audience personally benefit from your product/service • What will be the end result of using your product/service, NOT just listing the features • Freedom to travel and do what you want, NOT just make more money
18. Testimonials/Social Proof • Gain the trust of readers with Customer/Client Testimonials • Where were your customers before and after using your product/service? How did it help them specifically? • Video, written, screen capture • Photos, contact information, links, bio, location
19. The Offer • States your irresistible offer with a competitive price, free limited time offers • Clearly state the terms and conditions
20. The Guarantee • Ease the fears of getting ripped-off with a Guarantee • Money-back Guarantee • 100% Money-back, no questions asked • Warranty
21. Scarcity/Urgency • Limited time free bonuses/offers • Limited amounts available • Offered price for a limited time
22. Call to Action • State EXACTLY, precisely and simply, step-by- step what the reader has to do to take advantage of your offer • Call-in, Buy now, click a link, come in person to your office by a certain date
23. Warning • What will happen to them if they don’t take your offer? • What will their life be like? • Remind them of their pain • Lose special pricing and bonuses • Never have the body they dreamed about • Continue to struggle at a job they hate
24. Closing Reminder • End with a postscript (P.S.) • Remind them one last time of your amazing offer

Comic Con 2016 Photos San Diego Models Girls

YouTube Famous (Full Video) Get more Views and Subscribers

2. REACH Draw in large crowds YouTube has over a billion users Promotion potential Owned by Google
3. SETUP Create channel/user account Custom channel art at least 2048 pixels by 1152 pixels Account Settings Channel Settings Set Featured Video to entice to subscribe to channel
4. Edit Links, Edit Channel Art
5. Edit Links for your Banner
6. Upload art, Adjust Crop
7. Click Gear Icon on Right, Toggle Customize the Layout
8. Goto Channel Home, Hit Channel Trailer Icon and Select Video, Hit Add Section
9. Hit Add Section and Select Playlist, Uploads, etc.
10. Creator Studio (Video Manager from Channel Home Top), Select Channel
11. Select Monetization and Click Skippable video ads
12. Goto Featured Content in Left Menu, and Click Recent Upload for embedding
13. What a featured video looks like embedded
14. Select branding in left menu and upload file for watermark logo
15. What your watermark logo will appear like
16. CONTENT Promote your products/services Ten most frequently asked questions Live Stream recording Conversational style with audience interviews with famous YouTube celebrities Announcements, contests, awareness, and courses to empower Question and Answer Sessions
17. CONTENT Videos that cater to a niche audience perform better than generic ones Audience prefer visual content over reading See what is trending Create a recurrent theme to grow a fan base Adds value, more likely to be shared Explain a tough concept simply
18. CONTENT How-to video Explain how they can use your product/service DIY Unboxing Cartoons Music Video and Music covers Impersonations Collaborations and Cross-promotion with other creators
19. CONTENT Integrate your product or service into a storyline Animation Sound Effects Background Music Lighting Sound See what other successful channels/videos are doing
20. CONTENT Spoof Gags Workout Tutorial Gaming guide and gameplay Educational Trending topics, News, Current Events Seminar (i.e. on your area of expertise), tips, advice
21. CONTENT “Fair Use” clause: allows people on YouTube to comment on, criticize, or remix your video Creative Commons or royalty-free content: can be monetized given that the actual creator of the content has allowed it. Recordings from TV, DVD, public concerts, and events can only be monetized if the artist or creator of the content gives you written permission *NOT Legal Advice
22. CALL-TO-ACTION End with Call-to-action Offer something for free Direct to website Get leads – Opt-in to Capture Page for Offer ask for suggestions, and do some shout-outs Consistent Creation (ie once a week) Use links to somehow drive the viewers from YouTube to your main website.
23. CALL-TO-ACTION links pop up in the middle of your video or in the description section. add the link to the comment section Ask to do something on your website, i.e. comment below Ask them to share your links on their websites, blogs, Facebook pages, etc. Tell your audience to subscribe to your channel
24. END-CARDS End-Cards Creating an end-card with a link on screen to subscribe to you Add links to related videos and playlists Google “Youtube End Card” and search images for templates Use Annotations to add link to End Card portion of video once uploaded
26. CREATION YouTube Thumbnail 1280 x 720 pixels Photoshop or limitation of 15 minutes maximum Request a higher limit: Click upload, Then at the bottom of the page you will see the option "Increase your limit” Verification of the user's account via mobile phone increases the chances of being able to upload longer videos
27. CREATION AVI, .MPEG, .WMV, .OGV, .MPS, .MKV, .FLV, .VOB use progressive scanning Camera on your laptop or smart phone Lavalier mic Tripod Needs to be as long as it needs to be.
28. KEYWORD RESEARCH Search terms people are using to find your videos Google keyword planner Include search keywords the video titles, labels, and tags, Google searches can help boost your viewership Use relevant tags for your videos
29. KEYWORD RESEARCH Speak these keywords Google is picking those up with voice recognition. YouTube will be given preference over a video uploaded on other video hosting website while displaying search results on Google. Google owns YouTube
30. ADSENSE open an AdSense account for your channel. used to advertise and generate revenue on the website. Partner Program - an advertisement revenue-sharing Skippable Video ad, which runs in the beginning of videos. Skippable Video is an ad format that you can select in which the viewer has the choice of watching the ad or skipping YouTube Video Targeting Tool. With this tool, any company is allowed to broadcast its ads in a particular country
31. VIEWS More Likes could make your video appear higher in searches Include Copywriting, not just keywords, into Title, Description, etc. Have a call to action to Like, Share and Subscribe
32. ENGAGE Interact with comments No privacy settings Create a Facebook group for your community caption features for videos. This helps in making your video more accessible to hearing impaired people playlists to make things simpler and more specifically suited to the subscribers’ taste. Allow comments
33. ADVERTISE Have blogs/websites reference/link to your Channel Syndicate your video in Facebook, Twitter, Forums,Blog,Google Plus, etc. Syndicate your video playlist in Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blog etc. Place a screen capture of video on Instagram
34. ADVERTISE Use Google AdWords to get paid views. Once you use this, make sure that the beginning of your ad is especially engaging Contests or events on your channels Get advertising from prominent bloggers watermark your content Allow Embedding
35. ANALYSIS Google analytics can be used to keep track of the performance of your channel. YouTube Analytics shows you how well your viewership is turning out and indirectly tells you if your ads, annotations, and content have the positive effect you want them to.

Learn Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing (Full Video) Get more Likes and Followers

Learn Twitter Marketing
Learn Twitter Marketing


Never bothered to learn Twitter? Maybe it's time to learn the platform of choice of some Government officials and some major corporations. Reach out to a targeted cold market, search for your perfect customers and contact press/media influencers directly.



1. Twitter Marketing
2. Setup header graphic/cover photo 1500 x 500 pixels bio - searchable, benefits/copy, keywords profile picture pinned tweet make an impact Website link or link to capture page Company username
3. Setup 400x400 pixels Professional profile pic or logo Add location if local business
4. Profile Mobile Click banner and edit Click logo and edit Click gear icon
5. Content 140 characters Explain benefits of blog article before linking to it Humor Advice Insight and information/facts
6. Content Current events/news questions promotional tweets Use search keyword phrases in your tweets
7. Content entertaining or educational actionable tips how-to Images get 18% more clicks, Visual Content 1200x628 videos
8. Content promotions & ads (not too many or will look spammy) curate great content from others. Retweet others content (they might return the favor) Include sense of urgency (limited time) Answer people's questions Quotes/motivation
9. IFTTT (If This Then That) service that allows you to connect various apps and services to create automated tasks between the apps. set up triggers (IF) on one channel that initiate action (THEN) on another channel. IF you post a tweet with a specific hashtag, THEN share that same post on Facebook. Add people with specific # or @ to public list to get them notified
10. IFTTT (If This Then That) Using IFTTT, you can do a variety of Twitter searches for specific kinds of users, and add them to a list that you've created. put people in list who are: Following other specific Twitter profiles (competitors, for instance) Mentioning other specific Twitter profiles Using specific hashtags
11. IFTTT (If This Then That) Add rters to favorite people list command add receive an email notification when someone tweets a link to your website from recipes
12. IFTTT (If This Then That)
13. IFTTT (If This Then That) Recipe
14. Press Build relationships with journalists Follow journalists and media outlets And engage Follow their top followers Retweet Twitter List
15. Press Use and Follow the hashtags and keywords that they use #haro #profnet #Journorequest #PRrequest #Bloggerrequest #Bloggerrequest #HelpAReporter #UrgHaro Follow @profnet and @helpareporter
16. Call-to-action Promote links to a coupon or capture page Valuable free offer for opt-in Sense of urgency (limited time or amount)
17. Best time to Post Weekdays for Business to Business Weekends and Wednesday for consumers highest retweets at 5PM highest click through rate 12PM and 6PM. Be consistent
18. Followers Ask for Retweets. RT Ad campaign to gain followers
19. ads.Twitter.Com
20. Followers Follow for follow back Unfollow non followers Tag users and companies you mention and they may retweet (@username) can only follow 10% more Twitter accounts than those following you
21. Followers Respond to your mentions @yourname Mention or Brand24 to monitor Hootsuite or TweetDeck monitor your Twitter mentions Thank people that RT your content. DM them and make a connection
22. Mentions App
23. Hootsuite https://blog.hootsuite.c om/use-hootsuite- social-listening/
24. Brand 24
25. Followers Engage in topics Answer questions and give value Tweet influencers when you reference them in a blog so they can potentially share it Embed tweets referenced in blog posts Comnect email to twitter & Import Followers
26. Engage Reply Quote Like Message
27. Engage Retweet Quote tweet button
28. Engage Say “thank you” for retweets. Block spammers and abusive people
29. Advanced Search search-advanced People. "To these accounts" @competitorname See who is following and sharing your competition and follow those people to potentially gain them as a follower Search options Everything, all people, everywhere
30. Advanced Search Places modifiers. near:Burbank within:20mi None of these words -http (no links) All of these words http (only links) Save searches and access from search bar
31. Hashtags niche and industry specific Makes tweet searchable #keyword #keywordphrase
32. Hashtags Trending Related to current events, news Custom brand hashtag Make related tweets searchable for your event Use 2 or 3 per tweet (character limit)
33. Hashtags Don't use trending hashtags inappropriately like advertising during a social issue Keep hashtags relevant to post
34. Advertise Add a Twitter link on your website/blog Embed/share tweets into blog articles
35. Twitter Lists group of accounts that you want to target industry professionals prospective and current clients competitors (private list) Great content producers
36. Twitter Lists engage with individuals See types of content that gets engagement Customer service, retention (don't spam) Engage with personalized video
37. Twitter Lists Build relationships with influencers Add them to a public list so they get notified Re-tweet their quality content, personalize, tag Use/copy other people's lists by looking at their's or lists they are on TwitListManager tool subscribe to lists that have already been created
38. Keyword Research keyword search using the search bar then selecting the “Accounts” tab search-advanced Search keyword phrases from influencers, based on questions, interests Discover new accounts to follow and list
39. Twitter Chats forum to discuss topics Business networking conversation about a topic At a scheduled time Use a designated chat hashtag to participate
40. Twitter Chats Discussion on a set topic or Q&A, special guest login and view conversation in more readable format Great way to engage and learn Websites that list upcoming twitter chats
41. Twitter chat Use #WORDchat #BlogChat #BrandChat Hashtracking, generate a transcript of the chat to share with others, plus you’ll receive statistics for each chat Q1 for question, A1 for answer
42. Twitter Polls Create new Tweet and hit poll button four choices active for 24 hours Engage and Entertain Survey for upcoming products/services & Reviews Market research
43. Direct Message Avoid spamming/sucking value Change privacy settings to receive DM from Public Don’t send unsolicited information/links
44. Direct Message Great for personal/private/customer service messages Invite someone that @yourname to DM you directly Automated response messaging, can ask questions to see how you can help them and offer them value Auto DM service like from socialoomph
45. Twitter Cards Tweets of your content will include link previews add a few lines of HTML to your webpage links to your content will have a “Card” added to the Tweet Summary Card: Title, description, thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution. Player Card: A Card to provide video/audio/media.
46. Twitter Cards Choose a card type Add meta tags Run your URL against the validator tool https://cards- If Player Card, request approval for whitelisting
47. ps://
48. Twitter Card name="twitter:card" content="summary" /> <meta name="twitter:site" content="@theowerly" /> <meta name="twitter:title" content="Become YouTube Famous. Hello Twitter." /> <meta name="twitter:description" content="Subscribe at" /> <meta name="twitter:image" content=" content/uploads/2016/10/image-e1475367787408.png" /> All in One SEO Pack
49. Twitter Cards Tweet the URL and see the Card appear below your tweet in the details view. For Twitter Card Analytics
50. Conversion Pinned Tweet lead to enticing content or capture page offer
51. Syndicate Triberr community of Bloggers and Influencers come together to read and share content. Add your own RSS feed to Triberr
52. CONTESTS “RT to win” “Follow to win” Fastest correct answer after a webinar Binkd has a free Twitter contest app photo contest With your company product and #
53. Contest tweet a caption for the photo and include the hashtag For a photo Best answer with # or @yourcompany Random # chosen off tweets Tweet # and link
54. Facebook groups Automated message invite to join “Hello. Great to connect. I’d like to invite you to join my free FB group where We share the latest updates in SEO.” tweet out invitations
55. BuzzSumo shows you the most popular content on a specific topic ranked by the number of social shares. Also shows who shared it find people who will be interested in your content “Twitter shares”, “View Sharers”, click on “export”
56. BuzzSumo Hi. Love your content. I have been folllowing for years and really appreciate the value you bring. I see you recently posted about ____ and have a similar article with the latest tips on ____. Would you be interested in something like that?
57. Advance Search Advanced Search at https:// search- advanced and find the section marked “mentioning these accounts.” @usernames of your competitors. Follow people that mention your competitors for possible follow back
58. Followers Is a blog aggregator that allows you to find relevant sites in your industry. locate their Twitter accounts. and type in your domain in the search bar.
59. Hashtags measure the results of a hashtag. Several apps and services, such as Radian6 or Hashtracking, data from all the people who use the hashtag how many people viewed the hashtag
60. Radian6
61. Tweet-ups are Twitter community get-togethers. Tweet-ups are Twitter community get-togethers. tweeting out the details of the tweet-up at least two weeks in advance.
62. Syndicate WordPress plug-ins for sharing blog posts on Twitter AddThis DiggDigg Easy Social Share Shareaholic Jetpack by WordPress
63. Embed Tweet into Blog
64. Syndicate to Facebook Click above Tweet in the upper-right corner Select share via Facebook
65. Ads Target followers of other accounts Related to your industry target related keywords. Can use text on images event-targeting
66. Ads Twitter event targeting calendar Twitter Analytics dashboard click the events tab at the top View calendar with a list of events you can target review of the previous year’s engagement.
67. Ads Tweet Engager Targeting tool that tracks the people who have engaged with your promoted Tweets. Can Advertise to these accounts again segment your audience by gender, city, and mobile device. Targeted times and specific audience 25k
68. Ads
69. Ads Types of Ads
70. Ads Keyword modifiers
71. Tools Hootsuite - automatically share content - automatically share content to schedule your posts TweetDeck
72. Tools Word Swag App Canva automatically mention and engage with new followers, people that mentioned you Click to Tweet is a WordPress plugin that allows you to turn your content into tweetable quotes Tweroid see when your audience is most active.
73. click-to-tweet-by-todaymade/
75. Tools email alert to notify you automatically when someone on one of your Twitter lists asks a question. set up a filter to check that the text of the tweet contains a question mark. Exclude @ and http
76. Hootsuite or TweetDeck Hootsuite or TweetDeck see all your followers’ tweets and the messages you tweet, Direct messages and any search terms or hashtags you follow,
77. handle multiple Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social accounts. scheduling tweets, Sprout Social offers insights and analytics so that you know how well your social media campaigns are working.
78. syndicate your blog’s posts to your Twitter account
79. Manage multiple accounts from your smartphone.
80. Schedule your tweets so you can have them go live at a specific time, even if you’re not online.
81. Twitter share buttons Twitter share buttons on your blog or website, go to WordPress social share plugins
82. Tools Post Planner has a feature called “Requeue” which allows you to share the same content over and over again, automatically.
83. Tools is a tool that allows you to overlay your own message onto any website. This allows you to get traffic even if you are promoting a competitor’s blog post.
84. Analytics top follower each month see the mention and content that drove the most engagement. Audience profile/demographics (age, gender, etc.) See if a strategy/campaign works
85. Analytics Find which Tweets get most engagement to advertise with Paid campaign
86. Analytics tool owned by Moz, FollowerWonk
87. Analytics Stats, top followers


Learn Instagram Marketing (Full Video) Get more Likes & Follows

If you have been promoting your business on Facebook, maybe it's time to expand to Instagram. Why? Instagram, if made public, can help you reach the cold market rather than continually posting to your warm market over and over. Furthermore, guess who owns Instagram...Facebook! Its user base is growing, they have paid reach functionality built into the Facebook Ads Manager, and they have Snapchat-style functionality with Instagram Stories and disappearing messaging just added. Don't put off growing your business any longer with Instagram.


1. Instagram
2. Register • Pick a market-related name, i.e. fitness, business, fashion • Easy to remember • Profile pic – Company Logo • Website - Company or Capture page. No spam. No affiliate links.
3. Target Audience • Research hashtags to make sure there is an audience • Look for accounts in your niche • Follow people that follow accounts in your niche • Follow people that like pics in your niche
4. Target Audience • Like posts and pics from your niche • Comment posts and pics from your niche within TOS • Follow limits, DM Limits
5. Attract • Original content and posts • Niche hashtags • Niche related posts • Similar looks and feel among all posts
6. Attract • Write about the post in the caption. Have a call to action. For example ask them to like the pic or click on your bio link for an offer. • Tag a location. Do not tag random people for exposure. • Pick the time for the maximum exposure
7. Attract • Call to actions: like the pic. Like if you want more pics. Follow me for quality pics. Ask people to share. • Have a contest: Best caption, share to be entered, Guess a number, opt in to win, etc. • Microblog – When you make a blog post, post the pic and include some of the content in the description with a link in the bio or something they can cut and paste
8. Hashtags • Groups similar content • Up to 30 hashtags per post • Use targeted hashtags • Goal: get into top 10 for a hashtag for more exposure (most likes) • This can be done with long tail hashtags (less competitive)
9. Audience engagement • Like for likes, like multiple pics in a row to stand out in their feed • Comment on their posts • Reply to your comments • Contests • Stories • Call to action: like, follow, link, share, tag
10. #Contest • ✨CONTEST TIME ✨ Snag THE dress of 2016 now by liking this pic, tagging your girl #squad, & commenting with your size! Good luck, ladies! • a) be following me b) Comment your favorite Star Wars character! ☄😊 Contest will end 1/4! Good luck!
11. Audience engagement • In the Pic, ask a question and ask people answer a reply in their comments #commentbelow • Make a statement in the pic, and have people tag someone they know that fits it #tagafriend
12. Instagram ads
13. Syndicate • Share/Syndicate your IG posts to other sites • Link to your Instagram Account • Instagram Feed – WP Plugin
14. Behavior • 1-2 high quality pics • No filter, high quality, relevant to your audience • Don't post too many pics at once
15. Best Practices • Post seasonal relevant posts • Run contests and givesaways • Promote instagram on other social media and ads • Use to post in advance • Peak hours
16. Bio • Description and call to action • Contact Info Beyond DM (E-mail, Phone) • Promo • Url to a Capture Page or Offer
17. Interact • Monitor @yourname • Monitor #yourname • Reply to DM • Shoutouts @ or repost • Delete spam and negativity
18. Hire & Make 3rd Party Deals • Make shout for shout deals • Buy shoutouts from larger pages • Better rates with longterm packages • Drive traffic with ads • Watch out for fake followers •
19. Sales • Url in description • Call to action to click link in bio • Capture pages optimized
20. Analytics and Metrics • •
21. Resources • Wordswag – Add Stylized Quotes and Logo • Latergramme – Schedule Future Posts • Videoshop – Edit video and Add Text • Action Movie – Add video special effects • Instagram Feed – WP Plugin • – Buy and Sell Instagram Shoutouts
22. Bots • • • Outsource Multiple Accounts • Multiple Devices

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Learn Facebook Ads PPC for Sales, Recruiting and Lead Gen (Full Video)


Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Pay-Per-Click Advertising


The social media algorithms are placing a greater emphasis on paid reach rather than organic reach. If your posts are reaching fewer and fewer people, maybe it's time to bite the bullet and put up some dollars (hopefully to make more dollars). After all, these are corporations that need to make money, what did you think was going to happen? Free advertising couldn't last forever. Still looking to scrape by with free advertising on social media? Check out or Live Video article...while that still works.


1. Facebook Ads
2. Why Facebook Ads? • 2015, Facebook had 1.49 billion monthly active users • The platform is the most popular social network worldwide • Geo targeted, interested focused, demographic focused ads • Easily measurable, instantly demonstratable results • Reasonable, readily controlled budgets
3. Create Your Ad • • Hit “Create Ad” in the upper Right Menu
4. Types of Ads • Boost your posts – Have more people shown your Business Fan Page Post • Promote your Page – Get more Likes • Send people to your website – Send people that click on your page to a Specific website • Increase conversions on your website – track action conversions using a tracking pixel on the thank you page
5. Types of Ads • Get installs of your app • Increase engagement on your app • Reach people near your business – Advertise locally • Raise attendance at your event – for a Facebook event • Get people to claim your offer • Get video views
6. Target Audience • Choose your targeted demographic
7. Target Audience • Choose their interests
8. Choose your Budget
9. Pick your Ad Pictures
10. Pick a Button and Publish
11. My Budget
12. Analysis • CTR - the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown expressed as a % (clicks ÷ impressions) • Reach - the number of people who have seen your post • Ad Impressions - the number of times a post from your Page is displayed, whether the post is clicked or not. People may see multiple impressions • Average CPM - Cost per thousand impressions • Average CPC - measurement of cost on a per-click basis
13. Retargeting Pixel • you place a small, unobtrusive piece of code on your website that drops an anonymous browser cookie • run ads to people that viewed your Sales Page but did not buy • Goto • Goto “Tools” and select “Audience”
14. Create Audience
15. • Click “Create Audience” • Select “Custom Audience”
16. • Select Website Traffic
17. Create Pixel
18. Get Pixel Code
19. Add Pixel Code to Site
20. Add Pixel Code to Your Site • Paste the Facebook pixel code between the <head> and </head> tags of your web page. You may already have other existing code between the head tags, so just place the pixel code underneath that, but above </head>.
21. • Select the pixel you setup when creating a new ad
22. Conversion Pixel • Conversion Pixel -placed on the order completion page you can then run ads to Facebook asking them to target people that look just like your buyers
23. Select “Create a Conversion Tracking Pixel”
24. Click “Create Pixel” on Right
25. Select “View Pixel Code” button
26. Insert Pixel Code to Conversion Page (i.e. Thank You Page)
27. Find Pixel and Select Create Ad
28. Select Pixel on New Ad
29. My Average Ad Stats
30. My Ad Photos
31. My Final Ad Copy
32. Ad Likes and Capture Page
33. Capture Page
34. Capture Page Heading
35. Information Page Post Opt-in
36. Follow-up Autoresponder Email
37. Broadcast Emails
38. Call Script • Hi (Their Name), This is (Your Name), How's it going? • I'm calling from and you opted in to get more information about our Launch into Australia and I just wanted to call to see if you had any questions and to give you some details. • Is it a good time to chat or are you busy right now? (If busy, tell them you will call back later and text & email them some information and follow-up.)
39. • (Get to know them. For example....) • Great, do you have network marketing experience? What kind of work are you doing right now? What has you looking to start a business?
40. • Great, well let me give you a quick rundown about what my company is doing. This is a billion dollar skin care line made by the #1 Skin Care Manufacturer that sells in 40 countries, including Australia, since 2005 that has gone into direct sales in 2011. They have produced multiple 6 and 7-figure earners since then in every country they launched in including the US, Canada, Mexico, Korea and Australia is next. Only 1000 spots are available and the offer ends Jan. 5th. As a founder you will get a share in the bonus pool and exclusivity to recruit from Jan to May 2014.
41. • If you are open to it, I can send you our website to get more information. Check out and let me know what you think. When would be a good time to get back to you? Great, talk to you then. (and then You and I will call them on a 3- way call to CLOSE and I can answer any objections that they have. If they start having objections right away, tell them you will have a U.S. Leader call to answer all their questions.)
42. Start with Your List • The money is in the List • Do you already have a database of customers/buyers? • • Click “Tools” in the top Menu • Select Audiences
43. Create Audience
44. • Click “Create Audience” • Select “Custom Audience”
45. • Select Audience Method
46. • Select Customer List
47. • Return to “Create Audience” • Select “Lookalike Audience”
48. • Your Lookalike Audience will be available when you create a new ad
49. Audience Research • Select “Audience Insights”
50. • Choose “High Conversion” Interests/Keywords, i.e. popular competitor products (buyer keywords) rather than general terms
51. • Narrow your audience to high converters (focus your marketing budget)
52. • Hit “Create Ad” button in Upper Right Corner to use targeted audience in new Ad
53. Questions? •


Learn Internet Marketing Online

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